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Ohio child support can lead to penalties like jail or fines

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2013 | Child Support

Readers in Ohio are aware that Dennis Rodman has made headlines for years as a professional basketball player and television star. Recently he even went to another country in what some believe was a misguided attempt at diplomacy. Now, however, he is making headlines as his wife seeks to have a court force the former star to pay the child support that he owes.

According to a report, Rodman is the non-custodial parent of the children that resulted from his marriage to his former wife, Michelle. At the time of the couple’s divorce, Rodman, like many non-custodial parents in Ohio, was ordered to make child support payments to his ex-wife that were intended for the care and maintenance of his children. However, he failed to make the payments.

Rodman has told the court that he no longer has the income necessary to pay the $860,376 that he owes to his wife. That amount includes the payments that were not made over the course of the past few years. During the height of his fame and basketball career, Rodman amassed a fortune in excess of $27 million through not only professional sports but television and movie appearances.

Now, like non-custodial parents who fail to make child support payments in our state, Rodman may find that he faces penalties for his actions. These could include fines and in some cases jail time. When a person finds that they have not received the child support that they are due, they may benefit from a review of the applicable laws as they relate to the collection process in Ohio.

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