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Ohio divorce often includes negotiations for property division

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2013 | High-Asset Divorce

Readers in Ohio know that when a high-asset couple decides to end their marriage in a divorce there can be many issues. Though soon-to-be former spouses must negotiate all aspects of the divorce, regardless of their wealth, those with large amount of cash and investments sometimes find it difficult to determine exactly how to divide a marital estate. This may be what is in the future for one husband and wife from another state that have gained local fame.

The couple in the case includes the Director of a major art museum and a woman who has worked as a model in the past. The two have been together for many years and have two children. It is unclear if they will share custody of the kids when the divorce is final.

Of interest to folks in Ohio in this case is the fact that the divorce was announced via Facebook. On her site page, the wife stated that she had decided to end the marriage, though she did not detail the issues surrounding the dissolution. However, she did state that she wished to remain in the hometown of the pair with their two kids.

Ending a marriage is difficult for many couples. There are many issues such as child custody, spousal support and division of assets that must be considered. In some cases separating spouses are able to agree to terms for the dissolution, however, when that is not possible, a court can be asked to make the decision. It is not yet clear if that will occur in this most recent high asset divorce matter.

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