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Ohio divorce negotiations end with final division of assets

On Behalf of | May 3, 2013 | High-Asset Divorce

Couples seeking to end their marriage in Ohio face many issues as they enter the dissolution process. Though all couples must work to divide the assets that they obtained during their marriage, for those with high earning careers, the issues in a divorce can be even more contentious than for those with lower value estates. This is because in a growing number of couples, it is not only the husband that earns a high salary, but also the wife.

In fact, the number of women who make more than their husbands has been steadily growing, a recent report notes. This has led to a slow, but sure, change in the negotiations surrounding the division of assets in some high-asset divorce cases. Now some husbands are seeking to obtain an order for spousal support or ownership of assets accumulated during a marriage.

To protect as many assets as possible, at least one authority notes that it could be beneficial for the higher income earner, regardless of their sex, to seek a prenuptial agreement before the marriage. However, if the marriage has already occurred, this option may not be available. If that is the case, the same authority suggests that a spouse keep some funds separate from the martial assets.

When a couple enters into the divorce process in Ohio, they find that they must come to an agreement as to how to divide their property. If they are unable, a court may be asked to step in and make the final decisions as to who will own what property and the payment of spousal support. To ensure that the fairest result is achieved, it may be helpful for an individual to complete a full review of the financial status of their family before beginning the divorce negotiation process.

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