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Co-parenting run like a business can be profitable

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2013 | Child Custody

If everything could be described as perfect in a relationship between two people, they most likely will not be seeking a divorce in Ohio. The truth is that a couple chooses to divorce because something isn’t working between husband and wife. Often, there are strong feelings of hurt, betrayal, frustration or anger between the two.

When children are involved in a divorce, husband and wife may leave that relationship behind but the mother and father roles are not dissolved. So how can a couple successfully maintain a co-parenting relationship when they can’t get along? Treating the relationship like a business can help make it easier.


Successful business professionals tend to keep their private lives separate from their professional. This kind of attitude can help in a co-parenting situation as well. For instance, when discussing the children’s schedule, exchange times and other matters, keep focus on what needs to be done. Try to forget the alimony argument or hurt feelings about infidelity. Have those discussions at another time. 

Another important part of co-parenting is providing stability for the children. Their lives are changing suddenly, and being strong for your children can help. This does not mean that a parent must apologize for their feelings, but instead learn to control them around the children.

Staying positive about the other spouse as a parent can help the children. Save the emotions for your support system — maybe your group of friends, your own parent or even a therapist. 

Strong communication is key to strong co-parenting. If verbal communication is difficult or hard to keep up with when it comes to minor details, technology can help. A shared calendar is an easy way to avoid needless conversations about the schedule or what needs to be brought to a certain event. A quick look at a calendar and attached notes simplifies everyones life. 

For other helpful tools, bring up co-parenting with a family law attorney. It may be a first for the client, but an experienced attorney has been able to observe what has worked in a variety of relationsihps. 

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