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Shared parenting tips for back to school time in Ohio

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2013 | Child Custody

It’s that time of year again when somewhere around 60 million children go back to school across the country. While parents often mention their appreciation over sending the kids back to school, getting the ball rolling can also provide a few headaches. 

For parents that finalized a divorce and a shared parenting arrangement over the summer, this period could present some new challenges as they get used to co-parenting. Here are a few tips to help make the adjustment a little easier. 

We have mentioned in our Ohio Divorce Law Blog that in co-parenting situations, communication can be key for a smooth transition. When the topic is school, it isn’t just about the communication between each parent. 

Communication with the school can provide a big benefit as well. Let a child’s teacher and school know that the parents are not living in the same household. Instead of providing one notification of a school event, one copy of a report card or anything else, the school can make a duplicate and ensure that it is sent to both addresses.

Not only will both parents receive the notice, but neither parent has to take time out of their day to make sure the other parent gets the information. 

Another helpful tip is to plan for school. Talk to one another about how school supplies will be paid for, and keep all receipts. Also, talk about how to handle issues such as sports schedules or what to do in emergency situations. 

We’ve talked about the Internet in prior posts, and this is one situation where the technology can really help. Sync up a shared calendar so that both parents can add school events, parent-teacher conferences or any other scheduling detail with ease. A shared calendar gives both parents visibility, again without having to contact the other spouse. 

Last, remember that an attorney’s job doesn’t end after a divorce is finalized. When a question arises about the interpretation of a custody term or enforcement of a legal agreement, the attorney is there to help. 

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