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October 2013 Archives

A few good reasons to consider a legal separation in Columbus

A divorce is the legal and final end to a marriage, which is why some couples may not want to rush into a decision. In fact, couples in Columbus may decide to separate for a time to decide if divorce is really what they want, may not be able to immediately divorce due to the residency requirement or a number of other reasons. While there is nothing wrong with this plan of action, couples who want to go down this road might want to consider a legal separation instead of an informal one.

When Do Employers Have To Give Me My Final Paycheck and What Can I Do To Get What I'm Owed?

Unfortunately for employees, Ohio has no direct statute requiring an employer to immediately pay an employee in full upon being terminated. Rather, Ohio has a statute that required employers that pay employees on a semi-monthly basis to make full payment for wages earned on the first and fifteenth of each month.

Women's rights activists take issue with abortion testimony

When a couple with children gets a divorce, a child custody arrangement will be determined. Some couples may determine their own workable agreement, in which case a judge only needs to approve it. In other cases, a couple may not agree and a judge can approve a parenting plan proposed by one spouse. A judge also has the authority to make his or her own determination.

Child support enforcement complicated by father's disappearance

In the legal world, there is one thing that is absolutely clear. That is the fact that cases and the law itself cannot always be seen in black and white. There are certainly shades of grey, which is why one hires an attorney with specific experience to help guide them through what can be confusing.

Ohio officials raise child support enforcement goals for 2015

In Ohio, child support obligations are determined based on a set of guidelines that includes factors such as a parent’s ability to pay. These obligations are a legally binding and enforceable order that the government takes seriously. In fact, they are one of the special debts that cannot be easily wiped out during bankruptcy.

James S. Mowery, Jr. and Nicholas W. Yaeger of Mowery Youell & Galeano, Ltd. Successfully Prosecute Discrimination On Behalf of Local Physician

After a 13-day trial, Dr. Vincent Guinn prevailed in his race discrimination case against Mount Carmel Health in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, Eastern Division. Dr. Guinn was represented by Attorneys James S. Mowery Jr. and Nicholas W. Yaeger of Mowery Youell & Galeano, Ltd. ("MYG") in the matter. A central Ohio jury returned a verdict in favor of Dr. Guinn on all pending counts and awarded the doctor over 3 million dollars in compensatory damages plus attorneys' fees.

Parenting time matters for filling out a FAFSA

Preparing for college is an exciting time for both parents and children in Ohio. Opening that first acceptance letter, touring campuses and shopping for dorm room extras are only a few of those fun experiences. Of course, there are few things that can seem a little bit daunting. Saying goodbye is one of these things, and filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is often a frustrating event.

EEOC Accepts Charges of Discrimination During Shutdown

Employees who face age, race, or disability discrimination often file charges of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") to seek to address their discrimination. 

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