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Ohio Domestic Relations Summit focuses on family law procedures

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2013 | High-Asset Divorce

Ohio residents have likely heard the old saying that you “don’t need to reinvent the wheel.” It would be considered needless effort to completely redesign something that already works, but it certainly doesn’t mean that you never improve it. Let’s face it, modern tires are likely much more efficient than the original model.

Legal domestic relations processes are like the wheel; we don’t need an entirely new system, but changes are necessary to keep up with the times. Over the past year, Ohio judges, attorneys, guardians ad litem and other domestic relations workers have been analyzing legal proceedings relating to family law and investigating the changes that could be made to improve them.

Divorce, annulment, legal separation, spousal support and other family law proceedings are under the microscope. It was Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Conner that drove the initiative by charging domestic relations judges across the state to gather other individuals who could help.

Opinions on how to maximize resources, streamline case management systems and other domestic relations improvements will be shared at the Domestic Relations Summit scheduled for April 24 and 25, 2014. The summit will be held in Columbus.

Making any domestic relations process more efficient and effective for families in Ohio is something that should be done, but the summit to begin discussing the possible changes is still months away.

How can a spouse ensure that the divorce process is handled in a smooth and efficient manner now? The easy answer to that question is to hire a team of attorneys that have successfully helped spouses through complex divorce cases for decades. After all, it is the advice of these types of individuals that the future changes are being built around.

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