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Ohio woman holds online ‘ex-husband sale’

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2015 | Property Division

Once a divorce is complete and the property has been divided as agreed upon by the former spouses or ordered by the judge, each ex can do with their stuff as they want. For example, one spouse may get the house. He or she may wish to keep the house, especially if he or she has sole custody of the children, or it may be wiser to sell it and move into a smaller, more affordable place.

Besides practical considerations, many divorced people have emotional reasons for keeping or getting rid of assets. Using the house example again, staying in the home you once shared with your ex may be too painful. Instead, you might want to move to a new town, or even a new state, to get a fresh start.

That appears to have been the motivation behind an Ohio woman’s recent “ex-husband sale.” Despite what that phrase implies, the woman was not trying to sell her former husband. Instead, she was selling most things that reminded her of her failed marriage, so that she could move out of state.

To that end, she and her son posted an ad on Craigslist, offering furniture, golf clubs, a pool table and a shop vac, among other things. “He lied[,] he cheated, what a fool. Now I’m selling his power tools,” the ad explained.

The ad was apparently successful. “Now that they’re gone, I feel like I can move on,” the ex-wife told KSHB-TV. Her son said the stuff they sold contained “bad energy” that the two of them could now put behind them.