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Where does Ohio rank in ease of divorce nationwide?

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2015 | Divorce

Almost no divorce is exactly an enjoyable experience, but the process can be relatively painless. Whether or not a particular divorce goes smoothly, is a total nightmare, or something in between depends largely on the ability of the spouses to work together. But things like the laws of the state where the divorce is taking place can make a difference too.

According to KFOR-TV, an online company called has ranked each U.S. state by amicability of divorce. The website ranks Ohio ninth, putting it well ahead of most of the country.

Besides ranking the states 1-50, the study grouped them into three categories: amicable (the top 10 states), cordial (the middle 30 states) and disagreeable (the bottom 10). Ohio was the only state in the Midwest to be rated “amicable,” with the Dakotas through Indiana otherwise ranking as merely cordial. The study ranks Vermont as the easiest state to get divorced in, and Tennessee as the toughest.

These findings are based on how many divorcing couples in each state “declared online” that they agreed with each other on important issues, according to KFOR. It is not clear if this means that CompleteCare conducted an online survey, or culled its data from another source.

Either way, this study shows how different going through divorce can be, depending on where you live. Most family law is determined at the state level. Of course, shopping for a state to divorce in is not easy, as most states have stringent residency laws. That means one must live in the state for a significant period of time before he or she can file for divorce there.