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Woman shocked by husband’s divorce, hiding of $25M art collection

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2015 | Property Division

It is fair to say that when a married person wants a divorce, his or her spouse usually is aware, at least on some level, that something is wrong. But sometimes, a spouse files for divorce and it comes straight out of the blue for the other spouse.

For example, a wealthy Manhattan woman claims she was blindsided by her husband’s divorce filing. She also says her husband is trying to hide their $25 million art collection, and filed for divorce in Monaco to avoid having to share marital property with her. She is suing her husband over the matter.

According to the New York Post, the wife says she was out of the country in October, believing her marriage was in good shape. During that time, she alleges, her husband “surreptitiously” gathered up their art collection and sent it to a storage facility. One of the pieces was reportedly scheduled for auction on Nov. 10.

After stashing the art, the husband filed for divorce in Monaco, a tiny European country that does not recognize the concept of marital property. It appears he hopes to avoid having to share assets with his wife. The couple does not have a prenuptial agreement.

An attorney for the husband claims that the art is not separate property belonging solely to his client. He also said the wife “was fully aware” that the multi-million-dollar collection would be removed from their home.

It is not clear how Monaco courts would have jurisdiction over the couple’s marital status. The Post reports that the couple has lived around the world since getting married in 2008, but Monaco is not among the locations listed in the article. In Ohio, a person generally must live in the state at least six months before he or she is allowed to file for divorce.