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Adult coloring book helps parents tell kids about divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Divorce

Coloring books for adults is one of the latest fads to hit the Columbus area. Many grown-ups who have not picked up a coloring book in decades find this traditionally toddlers-only activity to be soothing and a fun creative outlet.

An online business has combined the coloring book trend with the need many divorced mothers have for therapeutic tools to help them work through the emotions of the end of their marriage. The website has begun selling a book called Color Through Divorce, which it markets as being for both “Mom and child.”

The business’ owner said she started the website after finding a lack of such resources available elsewhere. As the woman was searching for help getting through getting separated from her husband, she found plenty of resources about the legal divorce process and dating tips. But almost nothing about explaining to your children about what is happening, which the woman wanted to do with her young daughter.

Thus the coloring book, which the Commercial-News reports is more than some black-and-white drawings to color in. It contains “connection questions” to help moms — and, presumably, dads — start a conversation about divorce while working on the book together. The book also contains “inspirational” pages to color and other two-person activities for parent and child to share.

This may be one option for many parents. Others may have older children who will respond better to a calm, blame-free discussion about why their parents are getting divorced, and how both parents still love them.