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Temporary support can help while waiting for the divorce to end

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2015 | Alimony

Divorce is a huge adjustment for everyone in the family, both emotionally and practically. Once someone files for divorce, it is common for one spouse or the other to move out of the family home and set up a new household.

Even a modest apartment can be expensive, especially if you have little to no income. Many marriages have one breadwinner and one homemaker. Someone who has not worked outside the home in years or decades will probably be left with no way to support him- or herself, at least for a while.

People in this position need not be left out in the cold. Ohio law allows a spouse going through divorce to petition for temporary support. This support lasts until the divorce is finalized, helping the spouse bridge the gap between no longer living with the primary breadwinner and when the financial aspects of the case are settled.

Depending on the spouse’s needs, temporary support can take the form of spousal support, child support, or the paying of certain debts, such as a mortgage or tuition. In addition, the paying spouse can keep the other spouse on his or her health insurance plan. Whether the paying spouse will continue to provide ongoing financial support after the divorce is a separate matter.

After a spouse asks the court to order temporary support, the judge will consider several factors, such as the ability of the spouse to pay support and the level of the petitioning spouse’s financial needs.

Whether you plan on asking for temporary support, or expect your spouse to do so, you will need the legal knowledge of an experienced divorce lawyer to help you make your case before the judge.