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Phil Collins to remarry one of his ex-wives

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2016 | Divorce

Though it is unusual, sometimes formerly married people decide to give it another shot. As time goes on, conflicts that once seemed so important may not matter as much. Or perhaps the exes have worked on themselves and solved the issues that caused the divorce. Or maybe the exes find that their love is stronger than whatever caused the split.

It appears that musician Phil Collins and his ex-wife are experiencing the third option. The pair, who divorced in 2008, have announced they are back together and planning to remarry, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“Love was never completely gone,” Collins’ ex-wife, Orianne Cevey, said. “[It] was just on another level.” The two stayed close after the divorce, partly due to the two sons they have together. In a separate interview, Collins agreed that he and Cevey became friends again soon after their divorce and remained “very civilized,” sometimes having dinner together with their children.

Then, last year, Cevey said, she realized that Collins “is indeed the man of my life.”

As part of their divorce settlement, Collins paid Cevey $46.76 million. It was the third divorce for the pop star, 65. One wonders if Collins will arrange for a prenuptial agreement this time.

We wish the happy couple the best, but no marriage is guaranteed to last, especially one that ended in divorce once before. Whether you are the one who ends it, or are served with divorce papers, you will need vigorous legal representation, whether you settle matters at the negotiation table or go to court.