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Common problems with child visitation

On Behalf of | May 20, 2016 | Child Custody

When two Ohio parents decide to split up, they often have to determine where their child will spend the majority of their time and how much time the child will spend with the other parent. While it is usually recommended that the child spends an equal amount of time with both parents, this is not always possible due to some common problems that arise.

One main problem that many parents face is the inability to work together. This is often because the parents are simply not on good terms after the split. Bitterness on one parent’s part can prevent the other parent from being able to see their child as stipulated in the child visitation order. If this happens, there could be more lawsuits. Alienation may also be another problem that can prevent child visitation orders from going smoothly. Alienation potentially occurs when one parent prevents the child from being able to have a meaningful relationship with their other parent.

Finally, another common problem is that one parent fails to be consistent with their child. They may simply not show up when it’s time to pick their child up. Not only does this have potential legal consequences, but it can also leave the child feeling confused.

There are certain instances where child custody cases can be very difficult for the parents and for the child. If both parents cannot work together to create a visitation schedule that works for the child and the parents, a child custody attorney may help with the negotiations. If the other parent prevents the attorney’s client from seeing their child as was stipulated in the visitation order, they may take the case back to court and argue that the other parent is alienating the child. This could result in the parent being given more time with their child.