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What Ohio residents should know about social media and divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2016 | Divorce

Ohio residents considering divorce should be aware of how social media behavior can affect the outcome of a settlement. Smartphones have made social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter even more accessible, but with that convenience comes the temptation to overshare. One man claimed to be unemployed only to contradict himself on social media with postings about his job and expensive vacations he took. This type of behavior can seriously jeopardize divorce proceedings.

What many social media users do not realize is that information they post online can be used in court. Lawyers caution clients not to share any sensitive communication online if they would not be comfortable with the opposition or a judge reading it in a trial. Finances are particularly sensitive topics to share on social media. Even if one spouse has blocked the other from his or her Facebook profile, the other person may still be able to view posts through mutual friends.

Dating sites are another online platform on which divorcing individuals should exercise caution when sharing information about their lives. Social media can also work against parents in the middle of a child custody case. Posting images of a night out spent drinking or other controversial behavior can jeopardize a parent’s attempt to gain custody and may be used by opposing counsel to suggest that the parent is an unfit guardian.

The best way to prevent reputation damage through social media during a divorce case is to avoid posting any sensitive information online. A divorce attorney may be able to provide guidance as to which information could be harmful if shared. A lawyer may also be able to use social media to determine whether the opposition is fulfilling his or her obligations in a divorce settlement, from child custody stipulations to accurately reporting financial assets.