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What happens when one parent moves after a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2017 | Child Custody

Many Ohio divorced couples with young children are able to co-parent after working out a schedule that works for everyone involved. If one such parent decides to move to another town the parenting arrangements can get a lot more complicated. The schedule usually must be changed to accommodate one parent’s move, and these changes could cause the other to get resentful.

Custodial parents may decide to move to a different town because they got a new job or met a new love interest. Whatever the reason for the move, it could result in a longer school commute time for the childs. Because of the extra drive time between homes, the noncustodial parent may end up having less time with their child due to schedule modifications. There are also many cases where the parent who stayed refuses to drive their child all the way to the other parent’s new home.

In addition to scheduling difficulties, a move can cause social problems for the child involved. Children who move to a new town may not know any other children or have any activities. Helping the child adjust to the new town will be important, and the parent who stayed will not help the child to adjust by harboring resentful feelings about the move.

When one parent decides to move to a new state with their child, the long-distance move could trigger a custody dispute. A family law attorney might represent a parent who is fighting to retain child custody rights after that happens.