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Creating a parenting plan out of court may benefit you

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2019 | Child Custody

Going through a divorce can be a complex process with several different parts. For those with children, determining child custody and support is an important part to consider.

In such instances, a proper parenting plan is critical and required. There are a few reasons why creating this plan outside of court may be beneficial.

Maintain control

When parents create a parenting plan outside of court, they get to maintain control of how the divorce affects their family. When a judge makes the decision, she or he acts as a non-biased, outside party looking out for the best interests of the child. While this may sound reasonable, it can be unfair for parents in some situations. Therefore, having the parties involved make decisions about such a critical aspect of their lives can be beneficial. In fact, the state of Ohio provides a guide for creating a proper parenting plan, in addition to seeking professional assistance.

Work together

To come to terms both parties can agree to, parents must work together. When the two parties can come to an agreement, it can help reduce stress and disdain of the process, as well as create a positive space for discussing and working through additional issues that may arise, whether regarding the divorce or events thereafter, such as changes in the visiting schedule.

Create an efficient process

Parents working together to create their own parenting plan can help lower costs, stress and time. As such, it helps to create an efficient process, in comparison to the time, funds and energy required in receiving a court determination.

These are a few of the most common advantages to creating a parenting plan outside of court. Consider your particular situation and how creating your own parenting plan may benefit you and your family.