For many, March is ‘divorce month’

| Mar 20, 2015 | Divorce |

Though it comes two months after the holiday season, many observers say that March is the “divorce month” in the United States. Many divorce attorneys report that the first three months are their busiest time of the year, with March at the peak.

What is the reason behind this? One might think that January would be number one, with many couples waiting until after the holidays to announce their plan to divorce, in order to avoid upsetting their children or having a scene with the in-laws on Thanksgiving.

And that is the case for many couples. But a divorce cannot happen with the snap of a finger. As one attorney put it, troubled couples decide to split up in January. February is when they each find a lawyer and begin to make their plans for property division, child custody and so on.

Finally, March is when the divorce actually takes place.

Of course, this is just a general picture, and many people filing for divorce in March made the decision in February. Perhaps Valentine’s Day was the final straw that made them decide the romance was totally out of their marriage.

No matter when you file for divorce, the same issues will need to be resolved. The particulars differ depending on the couple, but if they have children together, the spouses will need to figure out whether or not to share custody, and whether one spouse should pay child support. The couple’s martial property will need to be split up in a way that both can accept. Alimony may be an issue.

All of these can be settled out of court, or ordered by the judge, if need be.


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