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Do pregnant workers need stronger protections from discrimination?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2022 | Pregnancy Discrimination

Workplace discrimination is an unfortunate reality that affects people on the basis of race, gender, religion and other factors as well. All groups affected by workplace discrimination deserve stronger protection, but many might wrongfully overlook pregnant workers as one of these vulnerable groups.

It should go without saying that pregnant workers have the same rights to employment opportunities and career advancement as anyone else. By understanding the issues that pregnant workers face and what communities across the country are doing to improve conditions, it will be easier to see why pregnant workers need stronger protection from discrimination.

What discrimination issues do pregnant workers face?

Many pregnant women in the workforce face denial in job applications, miss out on promotion opportunities or experience passive-aggressive attempts to push them out of an existing job. Some business leaders see pregnant workers as a “poor investment,” as they are likely to take an extended leave from work around the time of the baby’s arrival.

How can pregnant workers receive stronger protection?

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act is a legislative solution that protects the employment and reasonable accommodation of pregnant workers in the workplace. Support for this political movement is improving conditions for pregnant workers in many states, but many instances of discrimination continue to occur. It is up to communities and civil rights movements to push for stronger enforcement of fair workplace policies for pregnant workers.

Even a single instance of workplace discrimination is unacceptable in the modern work environment. Until pregnant workers can feel completely safe and accommodated in their positions, it is necessary to strive for stronger protection.