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Father protects daughter from abuse, held in contempt

No one denies that child custody litigation in Ohio is often an arduous process. Sometimes a litigant thinks he or she has done everything according to the law only to be told they have violated an order they did not understand. This may be the case for a Portage County father who thought he had done everything by the book, but he is now facing contempt charges in juvenile court for technically not honoring an order he thought no longer applied.

Parents' miscommunication alters custody arrangement

One of the most important things that divorced parents who share custody of child must remember is to keep the lines of communication open. Confusion can cause mix-ups that could land people in jail or lead to them losing custody.

Cop accused of rape now fighting for custody of child

It's not very common for a child custody case to make national news, unless of course the child in question happens to be related to a currently notorious media figure. For example, in the case of the reported "rape cop", many citizens of Ohio (and people all over the U.S. for that matter) have become very familiar with the specifics behind this former officers troubles.

Medical bias claimed by child custody decision

Child custody disputes in Ohio and throughout our country are typically decided by what the court deems to be the best interests of the child. Of course, people do not always agree as to what is the best situation for a child, and the courts are left trying to decide that from among the parties' child custody claims. Take the case of a North Carolina woman who recently lost custody of her 6 and 11-year-old children to her ex-husband, now living in Chicago. The woman has stage 4 breast cancer, and she believes the trial judge gave custody to the ex-husband solely because she is suffering a life-threatening illness.

Same-sex parents battle over child custody

In Ohio, child custody issues between same-sex couples just got more complicated. Two women decide they want to have a baby together. One woman makes arrangements to be artificially inseminated by a male friend, who in turn agrees to relinquish all parental rights.

Ohio mother accused of parental kidnapping

A child should be able to feel safe and secure when he or she is with the members of their family. Unfortunately, many times when a child is abducted, it's by a member of their own family. That is what happened to a little boy from Ohio, who is just 15 months old, and who was the victim of parental kidnapping.

Ohio mother could face child custody obstruction charges

Emotions can run high when couples decide to separate. Trying to keep a cool head and working with your representation to try and achieve your goals is really the best course of action, but that does not happen in every instance. An Ohio man, for example, fell victim to a poor choice born of passion when his wife took their four-year-old son and fled the area for over a week.

New child custody law good news for Ohio military members

Active-duty military members face a host of difficulties during deployment times. Not only do they often put their lives on the line, but they spend much of their time concerned about family back home. A new child custody law passed in Ohio may help to take some of the pressure off the state's military men and women.

Lesbian child custody case escalates

The definition of what makes a family is constantly evolving. As step families and same-sex parents become increasingly commonplace, child custody cases are becoming more complex. But custody is not guaranteed for non-biological parents, as one woman in Ohio has found out recently. Because gay marriage is banned in the state, a judge has refused to grant a visitation order for a woman who helped to raise a 7-year-old girl who she considers her child.

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