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Ohio property division a challenge for some empty-nesters

The issues facing couples that are considering a divorce in Ohio may be different for those with young kids as opposed to those who kids are grown. With younger families, couples must often consider child custody and support questions. However, for empty nesters the discussions often center around property division in a divorce.

Ohio divorce growing for long-term married couples

It has long been common knowledge that the divorce rate in our country has hovered right around fifty percent. Now, some authorities are noting that the number of those seeking divorce after long marriages is increasing. In fact, it appears that the number of people ending their long-term marriages in divorce has more than doubled in recent decades.

After 9 years of marriage, Russell Crowe's ex could get $25M in split

As our Ohio readers who are up on celebrity news may have heard, Russell Crowe and his wife of nine years Danielle Spencer have called it quits. Now, like any other couple who decides to divorce, they have several decisions ahead of them.

Ohio divorce may require planning for some high asset couples

Ohio readers who are going through a high asset divorce may be interested to learn what some authorities are saying about the importance of financial planning prior to the filing of a dissolution. This divorce planning can offer benefits to spouses in a marriage that is ending, both during and after the divorce process. These benefits include developing an understanding of the financial life of the couple and reducing the likelihood of financial mistakes during the dissolution process.

Ohio readers learn details of TomKat divorce settlement

Celebrity divorces make headlines in Ohio and elsewhere for a variety of reasons, often stemming from conflict over the division of property between spouses who are both famous and wealthy. Many expected this to be the case in the recent divorce between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. However, in this celebrity divorce case, the terms of the dissolution appear to have been settled quickly and without a great deal of contention between the two. Reports suggest that when it came to splitting their assets, Holmes received very little of her husband's estimated $250 million net worth.

Child bearing decisions can lead to divorce in Ohio

There are many different reasons why Ohio couples considering ending their marriage decide to take the first step and begin the process. Divorce sometimes comes after a life change such as a job loss or illness. In other cases, issues such as how many kids to have or whether to have them at all can create a divide between partners. This, one authority has noted, happens in about 15 percent of divorce cases.

Stevie Wonder files for divorce, joint custody

Ohio readers will likely be familiar with the songs made popular by music legend Stevie Wonder in recent decades. Now, the singer is making news with something other than his impressive musical talent, as he has filed for divorce from his wife of 11 years. Once finalized, this dissolution will be the second for the famed singer.

Tax tips for Ohio couples going through divorce

Divorce can be challenging enough on its own, but throw in the financial complexities it can cause for those with high assets and the situation can become an even bigger headache. One particular complication divorce can cause comes in a form that most people probably don't think of right away: the IRS. Tax time doesn't have to be a complete nightmare for divorcing Ohio couples if they keep a few key things in mind, especially when it comes to their filing status, child exemptions, alimony and child support.

'Bend it Like Beckham' star named in divorce lawsuit

Readers in Ohio may be interested to read about movie and television star Parminder Nagra, who is facing a lawsuit from her soon-to-be ex-husband. The star filed for divorce in February. The lawsuit claims that the pair lived together for almost six years prior to their marriage and that they orally agreed to share all of their wealth equally.

Dennis Quaid faces third divorce, wife cites personality conflict

High-asset divorces can encompass many different people. Couples who divorce after decades of marriage, very wealthy people and celebrities likely come to mind. Today, we will discuss the recent news of actor Dennis Quaid's third divorce that some Ohio residents may have heard about.According to The Washington Post, Quaid's wife of seven years filed for divorce citing a "conflict of personalities." Although it is not clear exactly how much the notable actor is worth, it is likely a substantial sum. One of the most complicated issues in a high-asset divorce like this one is often property division. While most courts will do their best to arrange a fair and equitable division of assets, divorcing couples do not always agree on how marital property should be split.

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