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Ohio Domestic Relations Summit focuses on family law procedures

Ohio residents have likely heard the old saying that you "don't need to reinvent the wheel." It would be considered needless effort to completely redesign something that already works, but it certainly doesn't mean that you never improve it. Let's face it, modern tires are likely much more efficient than the original model.

Santa Claus: which parent controls the truth?

'Tis the season for celebrating family, decorating the Christmas tree, displaying generosity in gift giving, sharing our blessings with those that might need help, and, yes, threatening that "Santa won't come unless you are a good boy or girl." Okay, the idea of Santa Claus is more than just a way for Columbus parents to keep the kids in line from November to December.

Third Thursday or Thanksgiving Day? Which one do you celebrate?

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many families are getting ready for a traditional celebration. Individuals and families in Columbus travel across the state of Missouri and even across the country to celebrate the gift of loved ones. For those that recently got divorced, tradition can’t always be kept.

Women's rights activists take issue with abortion testimony

When a couple with children gets a divorce, a child custody arrangement will be determined. Some couples may determine their own workable agreement, in which case a judge only needs to approve it. In other cases, a couple may not agree and a judge can approve a parenting plan proposed by one spouse. A judge also has the authority to make his or her own determination.

When a spouse wants to fight, keep an eye on financial interests

Making it "to the top" in the business world is not always an easy feat. More often than not it requires a strong personality, competitive nature and a talented mind. These characteristics are not always just for the workplace but display in personal situations as well -- like divorce. Some divorce cases are contentious, and in some cases these strong personalities make it so.

Divorce in the technology era adds new factors

Whether already considering divorce or not, for one woman a single action by her husband was simply the unforgiveable deed that led her to file her divorce papers. While there is no doubt that there were some private issues in the relationship already, when her husband sent explicit texts and accompanying photos to many of her work contacts the issue became a public matter.

Preparing for property division can save money in Ohio

Saving money is certainly an important factor for a lot of individuals in Ohio, whether they are struggling to make ends meet or simply prudent about their spending. When it comes to divorce, this goal does not disappear. Even though the marital property is subject to equitable division, there are some things that a couple can do to keep the costs down and ensure that their financial interests are protected.

Ohio divorce may benefit from careful planning and asset review

The costs associated with ending a marriage are both financial and emotional. Though the emotional aspects can be hard to prepare for in many cases, the financial stress may be somewhat easier to avoid. This is because, according to one recent report that may be interesting to our Ohio readers, planning can help limit the costs and debts that are accumulated during the divorce process.

Assets must be disclosed in an Ohio divorce

When a couple in Ohio seeks to end their marriage in divorce, they must make a full disclosure of their financial status to each other and to the court. In fact, the financial disclosures must list all of the currently owned assets and income, in addition to any money that is to be gained from the sale of the asset are required. It is the sale of a high value asset that is at issue in one infamous divorce case on the west coast.

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