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October 2011 Archives

Public Employee's Damages from Involuntary Disability Separation

State ex rel. Baroni v. Colletti, Supreme Court Slip Opinion (October 19, 2011). This case addresses a public employee's right to recover lost wages and vacation leave credit after returning to work following an involuntary disability separation.

Congressman disputes claim he owes $117k in child support

Ohio residents and citizens all over America seem to enjoy hearing about the politicians who hold themselves up as the keepers of family values. Every city in America is known to have parents that are behind in child support payments, but when someone with means or public responsibilities reaches is involved, people talk.

Recording As Evidence To Support Employees' Claims

Often times, employees believing they are being discriminated against by their employer because of their age, gender, religions, race, or disability tell their employment attorney, "my boss said that I was too old" or "my boss was telling racists or sexist jokes all the time." Then, when I ask them what evidence they have to support their claim, they realize they have none but their own word. That is when I tell them (assuming they have not been separated from the company yet) to consider record their conversations with their employers, so long as no Company policy exists prohibiting recording.  "I can do that?" The answer is - yes!

Ohio woman receives unexpected child support payment

An unexpected bit of good news landed on the door step of one Ohio woman recently. The Summit County state's attorney presented her with a large check for back child support payments owed by her ex-husband. She and her ex-husband were married for 10 years and had two boys before divorcing. However, the ex-husband had stopped making the court-ordered child support payments quite some time ago.

Parents behind on child support benefit from new Ohio law

Due to the weak economy and a sour job market, it has become increasingly difficult for parents owing child-support payments to meet their financial obligations. In the past, Ohio law has assumed these parents were able to pay but unwilling. This unfair stereotype is proving increasingly untrue. An important change to the law regarding child support obligations was included in the recently passed state budget.

'Starsky and Hutch' actor faces child support lawsuit

Child support is an important issue to many Ohio residents, especially those receiving it and those obligated to pay. When a non-custodial parent owing child support also happens to be a celebrity, nonpayment could result in more than a trip to court. The famous person may end up having to defend his or her actions in failing to honor a child support order before a judge and also before the court of public opinion.

National Labor Relations Board Postpones Notice Requirement

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) postponed the implementation date for the new notice-posting rule until January 31, 2012.  The Board indicated that the delay was to "allow for enhanced education and outreach to employers, particularly those who operate small and medium sized businesses."

Travel time under the FLSA: How do I pay my employees for work-related trips?

This is a tricky question, because it depends on how your employee is "classified" under the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA"). Under the FLSA, there are two types of employees: exempt and non-exempt. On the one hand, exempt employees are compensated through a salary and must meet certain criteria to qualify for such a classification. Employers do not need to compensate these employees above their normal pay for travel time.

National Labor Relations Board Provides Social Media Guidance

Employees' uses of Facebook and Twitter have provided the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) with an expanded area of enforcement. The NLRB recently issued a guidance memorandum on employee use of social media and their protections under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). While not containing decisions by the Board, the memorandum provides insight into how the NLRB would handle unfair labor practice charges involving Facebook or Twitter. The NLRB's Office of the General Counsel's report identifies fourteen cases investigated within the past year involving social media use in the labor and employment setting. The report provides guidance as to how the Office of the General Counsel views the issues presented by social media.

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